Some of the more interesting things I’ve been doing can be found via these links:

     the FXSL page,

     the Extreme Markup Conf. presentation on FXSL 2.0

     my Finger Tree implementation in C#

     My Original XPath Visualizer hosted by Lars Huttar

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8 Responses to About

  1. Alberto Saez says:


    I’ve jsut found fxsl, and I woulld like to use the math modules to solve one of my exercices for university (I’m learning XLST and java in my computer degree at http://www.uoc.edu) and need the sin an cos functions. As the license terms express than the code could’t be published without the authors consent, I would ask you permission for doing this.

    Anyway, thanks for publishing your work. It’s an inspiration

    Alberto Saez.

  2. daniel says:

    Hi Dimitre, do you have any advice on choosing an xml editor, I have come across liquid xml editor (http://www.liquid-technologies.com/xml-editor.aspx) ad was hoping you could spare a few minutes to critique it and offer your advice, thanks

  3. Sai says:

    I am getting the following error When using fxslt, like XPST0051 SequenceType syntax error at char 0 in {xdt:anyAtomicType?}: Unknown type xdt:anyAtomicType in func-XPathConstructors.xsl
    like these 48 errors. Can you please provide the solution to it. And also a step by step procedure to use one fxslt function in saxon. Thanks in advance

    • Sai,

      You are using an older version of FXSL.

      The solution is to get the latest FXSL version from CVS.

      Your specific problem can be solved by replacing the `xdt` namespace with the standard XML Schema namespace (in your case replace any occurrence of xdt:anyAtomicType? with xs:anyAtomicType?)– but I really recommend to get the latest FXSL version from CVS.

      As for the “a step by step procedure to use one fxslt function in saxon”, there are a lot of test files and each of them is demonstrating exactly that — just run them with Saxon 9.x.

      Also, please, read this: http://conferences.idealliance.org/extreme/html/2006/Novatchev01/EML2006Novatchev01.html

      • Sai says:

        Thank you for reply. But I am unable to find latest version which has xs:anyAtomicType in func-XPathConstructors.xsl file in fxsl site. Can you please provide the exact download link …..

  4. Well, you haven’t looked properly. Here is a link to what you are searching for (did I mention “CVS”?):


    Again, I recommend downloading the complete CVS for FXSL.

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