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XPath 2.0 Gems: Find all duplicate values in a sequence (Part 2)

Update: Minor correction in the last two rows of the table — thanks to a comment by Michael Ludwig. I will talk about the efficiency of this and other related XPath expressions in my next post. In my first post … Continue reading

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XPath 2.0 Gems: Find all duplicate values in a sequence

  Someone recently asked the following question: "I have an XPath expression which provides me a sequence of values like the one below: 1 2 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 It is easy to convert this to a … Continue reading

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Michael Crichton dies

  Michael Crichton died unexpectedly at an age of 66. As with Asimov, will miss the continuation of his writing, which I had taken for granted. Is this really the end of an epoch?

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