Hello, World!

I am Dimitre Novatchev — your host in this blog.
Here you’ll find a description of XSLT challenges and solutions. I will share my expertise in solving interesting problems raised in the XSL List or other forums.
On this blog I will announce new versions of the tools I’ve developed — the XPath Visualizer and the FXSL library among some of the more well-known ones.
To start:

There are many other problems, which I’ve had fun with in the last few years, such as spelling-checking Shakespeare’s Othello, building a concordance based on the New Testament, a prime number checker, an efficient Fibonacci number generator, a Sudoku puzzle solver, … etc,  all in XSLT!

One by one I will cover these in more details in this blog.

Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Hello, World!

  1. M. David says:

    Welcome, Dimitre!

  2. Workdog says:

    This is great.  I\’m looking forward to reading your posts.
    John Workman

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